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Hosting and support for your website

Our hosting and support services are combined. Hosting your website with us means you have full access to support from us.

Why do we do this?

We think it's important that we maintain long-term relationships with our clients. Many organisations have small numbers of staff, and when they change it can be difficult for continuity to be kept. We are always there if there are any problems with the website, or if help and advice is required.

Our support enables you to run and maintain your website without worry.

We are here to help with any issues that you have with your website - all at no extra cost:

  • helping you use the Content Management System
  • fixing bugs or errors in your website
  • accessing backups to recover pages and information you may have inadvertently lost 
  • giving advice and feedback on your ideas and plans for further development of your website
  • giving advice and feedback on the general running of your website (such as search engine optimisation)

Each year (or more frequently if desired) we get together with you to review your website. We make sure our systems are working well for you, get other feedback from you and discuss any development required for the website.  This ensures we keep in contact with you even if you are perfectly happily using the CMS to maintain the website.

Our Hosting

We host our Australian websites on Australian-based VPS Cloud Hosting, with back-up power lines, and back-up internet connectivity. Service monitoring is on a 24 hour basis, with automatic alerts. All data is backed up using an automatic back-up system.

Salesforce integration

We can integrate your website with Salesforce. Ask us how!