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How Fat Beehive Designs Your Website

As you may have noticed, our websites vary greatly in design from client to client. We have not developed a house style in our design, because our collaborative design focus is driven by you, the client.

What does that mean? We don't waste our time and your money speculating on what you might like your website to look like. Our Project Manager will meet with you and ask questions that draw out the information they need to create a design that works for your organisation.

The planning phase makes you think about your organisation from a different point of view. By doing preparation before the design process starts, we can grasp what it is your site needs to convey in its layout, colours, attitude, and approach.

The design of the website will be based on any existing or new branding, and on our conversations with you. It is our job and skill to draw out your design requirements at the Planning Meeting. Based on our experience in web design for charities, we have found that this collaborative method works extremely well for our clients.

Customised CMS

When we install your Content Management System we always customise it - so it works just the way that you need it to.