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Not-for-profit Web Design

Fat Beehive actively seek to work with charities, associations, and other not-for-profit organisations.

The history of our not-for-profit web design work

Fat Beehive started out in London in 1997 doing website design by pitching to and winning work with Cafédirect, the fair trade coffee company. We were very attracted to, and wanted to support the fair trade principle of using business to deliver better outcomes for producers and the idea of running a company for something other than pure profit gain. We looked around for more fair trade companies to work with but couldn't find enough web design work in the fair trade field. So we turned our attention to its neighbour, website design for not-for-profits - figuring that we could apply a similar approach of supporting not-for-profit organisations with efficient, cost effective not-for-profit web design.

The tradition continues in Australia

Since October 2010 we have been providing web design and development to charities, associations, and other not-for-profit organisations in Australia, and continuing our engagement with enthusiastic, dedicated people who are working hard to make a difference in a multitude of ways.

We aim to enable high quality not-for-profit web design

We want to support, aid and encourage not-for-profit organisations and we make considerable efforts to provide our not-for-profit website design services to organisations of all sizes and budgets.  As a profitable private limited company we have the flexibility and efficiency in website design to offer effective, high quality, supported web development to a wide range of clients.

Other clients

We do have a few commercial clients - they are generally organisations working in the non-profit sector, or have been referred to us by organisations in this sector.

CRM integration

Many CRM systems can be integrated with your website. We have integrated with Salesforce, ThankQ, Filemaker database, and other custom CRM systems.