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Beekeeper Content Management System

What is a Content Management System?

A Content Management System (CMS) is software that allows you to edit the content of your website without having to have any particular technical knowledge. The idea behind a CMS is that you can simply and easily keep your website up-to-date without needing to pay for a web developer to make the changes or learning any web languages.

The Beekeeper Content Management System has been developed over time in consultation with our many clients in the not-for-profit sector. It is specifically designed to be as simple as possible to use, and we make regular improvements in response to our clients' needs. Unlike many other CMSs, it is immediately intuative to use. We provide an initial training session when it is installed - but many of our clients who have had new staff members take over the role of website updates have been able to use the CMS immediately and without problems.

When you host your website with us we always include support

One of the benefits of choosing Fat Beehive as your web provider, is that we offer support as a standard part of the hosting costs. Whenever you need help and advice, or have any problems with the website, we are there to provide assistance.

What can Beekeeper CMS do?

As we tailor the CMS to suit your needs - it can do whatever you want it to do. We will install the CMS based on your precise requirements - meaning that there won't be confusing menu items that you don't know what to do with, and you'll be able to decide how you want your pages to display. Although Beekeeper CMS is based on a number of modules - we only install the ones you need, and we customise them to suit your website - therefore keeping costs lower and your website administration easier.

CRM integration

Many CRM systems can be integrated with your website. We have integrated with Salesforce, ThankQ, Filemaker database, and other custom CRM systems.