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PHP Developer - Application form and task

Here's an example PHP array:

$foods = array(
'meat' => array('burgers', 'steak', 'sausages', 'liver'),
'cake' => array('victorian', 'chocolate', 'fruit', 'fudge')

We'd like you to create a function that takes an array of this kind as an argument, and then return an array of just the meat values, in reverse alphabetical order.

The array passed through to the function could contain any number of elements and in any order, but there will always be a food array called 'meat' like the one above.

We're not too keen on liver in the meat array though, so be sure not to include 'liver' in the returned array as well.

If we passed in the above array into the function, the array that is returned would contain: steak, sausages and burgers, in that order.

PHP web developer application form - May 2017

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